/ˈsiːbɔːn/ adjective: seaborne; adjective: sea-borne

  1. transported or travelling by sea.

Art can be born out of anything, but we believe that which was born at sea is truly special.

Seaborne Magazine is a digital and print publication with a mission to celebrate the brightest jewels on Mother Nature’s crown: our seas and oceans.

We believe they are vital to our health and wellbeing, and we hope that by reminding the world of their beauty, wonder and mystery, we can help protect them.

What are we looking for?

We want to publish great literary work which celebrates the sea and all around it. For our first issue, we will be looking for atmospheric fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual artwork which will captivate our readers’ imagination.

Why should you buy Seaborne Magazine?

We are committed to helping keep our seas clean and support the wild and marine life who are dependent on them. For this purpose, we will be donating a percentage of our revenue to local charities that help protect the oceans and marine life. As readers, you would help support our efforts and enjoy great literary content!

Our Editors

Adriana Ciontea

Adriana is an international writer and graphic designer. She fell in love with the Cornish coast while she was studying undergraduate Creative Writing at Falmouth University.

She was part of the first two publishing collaborations between Falmouth University and National Trust Books as an editorial assistant and a project manager. Adriana has an MA in Publishing Media from Oxford Brookes University.

She is a coast dweller, passionate about sustainability and environmentalism.

Kevin Woodley

Passionate about stories, Kevin has a degree in Creative Writing which he completed at Falmouth University. He is currently writing a children’s book.

As a lover of all things art, Kevin also has a keen interest in film and television, writing for online publications as an entertainment journalist and critic. He has a background in digital marketing and web design.

You can usually find him with Adriana, also dwelling along the coast.


Definitely the youngest member of our team, Sailor joined Seaborne in 2021.

He has a lot of responsibilities – all the seats must pass his quality assurance tests, which often include napping and ‘kneading’ (this one is really difficult to do), and he is also in charge of all the snacks. He too loves the sea, even though he hates getting wet, but we forgive him because he’s seriously adorable.

Sailor’s favourite bit of the job is snuggling up with Adriana while she’s working on the layout.

To help make paying for submissions possible, you can buy us a virtual coffee.

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