Seaborne Issue 2 – Storms, Omens & Monsters


Welcome to Storms, Omens & Monsters! a digital literary and arts magazine with an aim to celebrate the sea! Inside you will find amazing contributions from writers and artists around the world, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction and artwork all about the sea.


Our second issue is special, as it is dedicated to the darker side of the sea, the gloomy depths and the treacherous shallows, to the things hiding below the surface, and the fragile things we take for granted. But not all monsters are mythical beings who seek to wreck ships and drown sailors. Some monsters are real, and it lives around us every day—pollution and climate change.


This issue opens with Storm Petrel and Lighthouse, two harbingers of danger with a fascinating hidden history, illuminating the shadows on a stormy sleepless night. When Morning comes, we explore the signs of the oncoming storm. As Sea Midder An’ Teran fight for power over the sea, The Seafarer revels in the force of the watery expanse and a swimmer is Holding Tight close to shore. After the rains, comes the flood, and Galway Sinking. We descend into the Depths, where monstrous things hide in the Kraken’s Bight, the lost linger in Lorelee, and the Great Garbage Patch entombs Merfolk in the Ghost Net. Elsewhere, another Sea Monster awakens and erases an island from collective memory. Finally, we sail home with the Song of Arpia, where myths and monsters might just be real after all.


As part of our mission to raise awareness about the beauty of the sea and help protect it, 35% of the sale of this issue will go to the Surfers Against Sewage, a charity that helps fight against ocean pollution.


Praise for Seaborne


Seaborne Magazine is a treasure trove of writing and artwork inspired by the sea. Beautifully crafted, the magazine celebrates the maritime in all its glory: the editors’ and contributors’ love of the sea makes every page sparkle.

Briefly Write


Publication date: 31 October 2021


Editors: Adriana Ciontea, Kevin Woodley


Length: 105 pages


File download size: 35 MB


Contributors: Alison Chandler, Bernadette McBride, Caroline Scamell, Catherine Edmunds, Claire-Lise Kieffer, Danielle Kimber, Elou Carroll, Emma McCoy, Hannah Nicholson, Ioan Nicolae Ciontea, Iris Anne Lewis, Jacqueline McNeil, Jessica Sarlin, John Kaprielian, Judy DeCroce, Katherine Quevedo, Nicole Winters, Rose Sanderson, Sadie Maskery, Sally Flint, Sarah J. Cooper, Simon Petherick.


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