Seaborne Magazine – Issue 1

Welcome to issue 1 of Seaborne Magazine, a digital literary and arts magazine with an aim to celebrate the sea! Inside you will find 50+ contributions from writers and artists around the world, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction and artwork all about the sea.


Get settled in with Tea With a Sea Witch, explore memories tied to the seaside before diving into the depths of the Blue Planet, let the voices in the night reach you, and carry on to the faraway lands of mermaids, mysteries and monsters, but don’t get too close, for the great Kraken stirs below. And, of course, no magazine about the sea would be complete without pirates and a sea shanty cheering you on to your next adventure!


As part of our mission to raise awareness about the beauty of the sea and help protect it, 15% of the profits from the sale of this issue will go to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, a charity that helps rehabilitate marine wildlife.


Inside this issue, you will find an interview with the charity where you can find out more about the incredible work they do and how to support them.


Publication date: 28 May 2021


Editors: Adriana Ciontea, Kevin Woodley


Contributors: Aaron Lelito, Alex Leadbeater, Amlanjyoti Goswami, Amy F. W. Corcoran, Anna Grahlmann, Antonia Glücksman, Barbara A. Meier, Caroline Scamell, Carolyn Stockdale, Cindy Arlette Orellana, Courtney Burk, Dan Mushens, Derek Thompson, Diana Powell, Diana Stevens, Dr Simon Wills, Ele Pawelski, Elizabeth Bates, Elizabeth Hoyle, Emily Charlotte Ould, Faith Paulsen, Francesca Gardner, Gill McEvoy, Grove Koger, Isabel Pardo, Katherine Knight, Katy Wimhurst, Lauren Suchenski, Linda Hibbin, Lini Colmard, Lisa Falshaw, Lynn Valentine, Lynn White, Maggie Wang, Mark Noble, Maureen McAfee, Natalie Hart, Nicole Kelly, Nino Memanishvili, Oliver Rendle, Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, Pip Carrington, Polchate (Jam) Kraprayoon, Rebecca Gethin, Rebecca Harrison, Roberta James, Sadie Maskery, Sashawne Smith, Shannon Elizabeth Gardner, Sue Watling, Suzanne S. Eaton, Ursula Troche, Wendy Hess.


Length: 176 pages


File download size: 40.4 MB

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