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seaborne magazine

We are a new independent publication, which means our funds are very limited at this time.

Our editors work tirelessly to make sure Seaborne Magazine publishes the best writing and artwork about the sea. But that is not all they do – they also handle social media, our upcoming blog, promotion, sales, reaching out to charities and so much more. And they do it all for free.

We also believe that our contributors should receive payment for their submissions. To help make this and other essential activities possible, you can take our editors out for a virtual, socially-distanced coffee.

What Your Donations Will Help Pay For

Print – we’re working hard on making print issues available, because we know they’re in high demand. Each donation brings us closer to this goal. Thank you!

Submissions – your donations will help pay our contributors, without whom there would be no magazine.

Overheads – website and domain hosting, layout and photo editing software, these are all things which help us reach a wider audience and provide the best quality content possible, but they aren’t free.

Other Ways You Can Support Us

An obvious way is to buy the magazine. Whatever we don’t give to charity goes straight back into maintaing and improving Seaborne.

You can support us by following us on social media and spreading the word about our publication. Feeds are overcrowded with all sorts of things these days, so increasing our exposure is a fantastic way to help.

Thank you for your support!

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